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By Lawrence Binns, EBAA member and Director of Business Development for MARS.
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Every year, the months leading up to the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) are filled with high anticipation. Each year, the experience has provided MARS (My Aircraft Reporting System) with new friends and valuable lessons learned about the aviation business—but this year took it to new heights.

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This being my third year attending, I wanted to make it the best yet. To ensure a successful EBACE experience, I contacted clients in advance and set up meetings. There were some clients we have been speaking with for the past year that I had never met in person, and I was excited to put faces to names. While I’ve implemented similar strategies in previous years, this year, I was able to set up an unprecedented 13 meetings. I was prepared for another fantastic show—and a potential logistical nightmare.

But it wasn’t. Because of the wonderful organization of EBACE—and thanks to the amazing work that everyone at the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) does months in advance—navigating the show and setting up meetings proved to be an easy task. I set up meetings with the clients either at their booths, if they were exhibiting, or if not, the Avinode Booth, the go-to place at EBACE every year.

Every time EBACE ends, I cannot wait to attend the following year. Not only because I know that I will have a captive audience of potential clients—and the opportunity to visit my existing European clients—but because of the positivity that seems to vibrate off the walls. Every show makes me feel that I am part of something very unique—the inner circle of the European Aviation business.

This show has become an integral part of our business, and it has helped MARS grow and achieve the success we have had since our inception two years ago. This year’s EBACE was especially successful for MARS—we landed three new clients and met with a handful of potential future prospects, which has opened up business in four new countries.

Though MARS is based in Toronto, Canada, it seems as time progresses, our business focus has started to become more European centric. The wealth of clients that exist in Europe, and the broad spectrum of business that they cover globally, has become key for the growth of success for MARS.

Thank you again to the EBAA and EBACE, because of your hard work each year, you’ve helped MARS achieve some of its greatest success we’ve seen to date, and we are so thankful to be a part of this community.

So, how can EBACE change your business (and your life)?

I have always wanted to live and work in Europe. While it is possible to do business across the world via email and telephone, in order to create lasting relationships in business, face to face contact is paramount—EBACE makes this possible. EBACE provides aviation professionals with an audience of like-minded people, allowing expansion and growth in Europe and abroad.

Because of the success MARS had this year at EBACE, we are planning to make Geneva our base of business in Europe. Not only will it help expand our business, but it also fulfills my lifelong dream of living and working in Europe. None of this could have been imagined without EBACE.

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