Relationships are built on mutual trust. Show aircraft owners you have their best interests in mind with a level of transparency unlike they have ever seen before.

MARS gives owners up to the minute detailed reports about their aircraft, including past and present financials, flight status, repairs and maintenance, and more.


Get rid of those tedious and wasteful monthly reports. MARS allows aircraft owners to see both past and present financial information whenever they want, wherever they are.

MARS is an innovative solution that saves aircraft management companies time and money while delivering the transparency aircraft owners desperately desire. MARS is 100% green and 100% accurate.


The world is continually changing, and you must adapt to keep up. MARS will help you do that, not by replacing your current systems, but by working in tandem with them. We help build upon your existing relationships while creating new opportunities through innovation.

MARS provides a top-down overview of your entire program, providing aircraft management companies with the information needed to adapt to changing market conditions in a timely manner.

MARS 3 Easy Steps

Step One - Consultation

Step Two - Implementation

Step Three - Launch